Eilis O'Neal (eilis_oneal) wrote,
Eilis O'Neal

Halloween Treat

You know how we all have alternative universe careers? Unlike dream careers, which we might actually have someday if we work hard enough and get lucky enough, alterative universe careers are careers that we’ll never actually have and that we don’t make any effort to have. As in, in some alternative universe, there’s an Eilis who is a world-famous Egyptian archeologist.  In another there’s an Eilis who’s the curator of New York’s Natural History museum. Alternative universe careers are the careers revolving around things that we have a fascination with, but never actually pursue or even seriously consider pursuing (though maybe in that other universe we did).
One of my other alternative universe careers is being a voice actress. As a kid, I desperately wanted to voice a Disney heroine, and if I had watched anime as a child I would have wanted to do voices for that, too. Well, I still haven’t gotten to do the voice for an animated character, but it seems that a little of the alternate universe where I do get to is seeping into our universe. Because I can now say that I’ve at least done the voice for a radio play.  I’m Margaret Lawson in:
“In the Dark: Deadly Fortune,” the second part of an awesome 1940s-radio-style double feature podcast presented by my friend, Tony Frazier, on his website, herogohome.com. There are two stories in the podcast, both of them creepy Halloween goodness. (And if you aren’t following his serialized superhero novel on the same site, you should be.)
This project was tons of fun to do, and it’s an absolute blast to listen to. (Especially if you turn out the lights.) Tony did a fantastic job replicating an old-fashioned radio play, from the hisses and pops on the recording to creating sound effects from everything from candelabras falling over to demons screaming. So check it out!
Added bonus: To get my screams right (yes, I have to give a full-on scream at one point), I had to have my husband, Matt, tickle me. Without that, the screams just sounded flat and fake. I only got about three screams in, though, before Nemo came charging into the room, barking his head off and bent on protecting me.  To my everlasting amusement, Tony was able to find a way to use Nemo’s barks in the first part of the double feature, “The April Fool.” See if you can figure out where . . . . and if you do, come back here before November 7th and leave a comment letting me know where you heard the barks. I’ll give a Halloween treat to one of the people who finds them. 
Tags: awesomeness, contest, halloween, podcast, radio
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