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Last year, I made my "radio debut" in my friend Tony Frazier's Halloween Podcast. Tony is a great writer (he's recently finished up his serialized superhero novel, Run Digger Run, on his website), and he's also a big old-time-radio fan.  Last year's project was hugely fun, and I've been itching for another chance to try my hand--or voice--in another radio play. Luckily, Tony wrote another another fun and creepy 1940s-style play for Halloween this year, and I was thrilled to be able to take part in the production again this year. I'm a little behind in getting the link up (I've been under the weather since Nimrod's Writing Conference last week, but finally starting to feel better), but the podcast is more creepy-Lovecraft than Halloween-specific, so you'll still enjoy it even a few days into November. So, without further ado:

The Final Broadcast

One of the things I'm always impressed by with Tony's radio plays is the way that he pulls them all together. I recorded all my lines completely alone, without any of the other cast members or any idea of the kinds of sound effects Tony would add in. That can be a little strange, wondering if you're pitching your performance at a 7 when everyone else is at a 10, unsure of whether your reactions are appropriate, etc. Listening to it, however, I don't think you can tell that all the lines were recorded separately at all--it sounds that cohesive. Also, the sound effects are awesome--and I love the crackles and pops that Tony inserted to give it the sound of an old recording.

And I have to give a big shout-out to my husband, Matt, who is making his own Radio Debut as Hal! Matt recorded his lines while I was out of the house, and about halfway through the recording process I got a text that said, "Wow, I hope the neighbors don't call the police with all my terrified shouting."

So, in other words, you might want to leave the lights on while you listen . . .
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