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Event in Boston Next Week

Just a note to say that I’ll be at the Association of Writers and Writing Program’s Annual Conference in Boston next week. (And I’m super excited because, while AWP isn’t huge for genre or YA authors, Jane Yolen will be there, too. I love her writing, and am frankly still basking from the moment when, during her trip to Tulsa to hand out the Tulsa library’s young people’s writing awards when I was 17, she complimented my dress.)

In any case, I’ll be running Nimrod’s book table and I would love to chat with anyone who’d like to stop by and say “Hi.” The most reliable time to find me will be during the morning, in the first couple of hours of the bookfair. After that, I'll still be around, but it will be a little hit or miss.

Association of Writers and Writing Program’s Annual Conference
March 7th-9th, 2013
Boston, MA
Find me in the morning at Nimrod International Journal’s Bookfair Table (D5)

Seriously, I’d love to talk to any fantasy or YA folks hiding out at AWP, so stop by and see me!
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